Oct 182012

We’re going to bring up a evil & horrid subject today on Martha Street – human trafficking.  This is an issue that is close to my heart and often on my prayer list.  How do we begin to fight a depravity this pervasive?  How do we reach each girl, child, woman, and teenager who has lost innocence & hope?  My heart bleeds on this one.

Today is the 6th European Anti-Trafficking Day.  I have some missionary friends in Europe who are taking part in marches & rallys today to heighten awareness of this atrocity.  Let’s pray safety and provision for them today as they walk for us and take a stand for justice.

We’ve been asked to stop and pray at every red light – for red light districts…I can think of 3 right off the top of my head. Let every red light be a visual for you to pray against the communal, socially-allowed crimes that happen daily in red light districts around the globe.

They’ve also requested that we pray at every Stop sign for advocacy & care groups whose mission is to STOP human trafficking.  Our church supports Love 146.  I love this ministry because it combines legal advocacy, prevention and aftercare.  If you know of other groups that are speaking into this issue, please lift them up in prayer today.

My personal request is that you take some time in your home and pray for individual girls.  We don’t know their names – but God does.  Pray for their safety and rescue from this trade.  Pray that they would be planted in safe homes in the future.  Pray that the message of salvation would bring healing and restoration to their hurt hearts & bodies.  Let’s not miss individual hearts in the vastness of this huge evil.

Some stats to break your heart for this issue:

2 children are sold every minute

UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked annually

The impact of trafficking on children:  HIV and other transmitted diseases, psychological trauma, loss of family, lack of education, increased vunerability to all forms of abuse


  3 Responses to “6th European Anti-Trafficking Day”

  1. I’m in the middle of Ashley Judd’s memoir right now, it’s very heavy and very eye-opening. She is right in the trenches fighting this and is able to provide physical and emotional comfort to women that are currently enslaved. This issue is heavy on my heart as well. Thank you for bringing it up today, I love the idea of praying at every red light and stop sign.

    • I”d love to read the book when you’re finished. Is it yours or a library check out? If library, let me know the title and I’ll see if I can get it in my hands. I love it when memoirs and good social issues come together in a book – they make the issues more personal & real to me.

      • I got an electronic copy for Kindle from the library, but they have many hard copies as well. The book is called All that is Bitter and Sweet: A Memoir by Ashley Judd. I’m not sure “enjoying” is the right word, but I’m getting a lot out of the book and am appreciating it very much.

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