Oct 232012

Do you like church potlucks?  Everyone brings their favorite dish to pass.  When my husband was single, he was famous for bringing cheese & Ritz crackers to church potlucks.  You can always count on that to go over well!   I have several random things I need to talk about on the porch – but haven’t had the space.   So here are all the facts & details I’ve been holding in my head.  Treat it like a potluck ….the details aren’t all connected other than that they’re all served up together in this post!

We’ve been participating in She Reads Truth as they post daily Bible readings & devotional thoughts. We started the book of Philippians yesterday.  You can jump in today and catch up easy-peasy.  I’ve been loving reading through Ephesians with this group of women.  Be sure to click on the instagram link and see photos of everyone’s journals & thoughts.  So moving.  If you tweet, jump into the sidebar with your tweet about today’s passage.  You can read in your Bible of choice – or join them in You Version.  Once you’ve logged into You Version you can select your Bible translation and reading plan – pick She Reads Truth and they’ll send you the daily readings via an online link or as a daily email.    Let’s keep reading truth together!

Last week we spent time praying for red light districts and organizations committed to stopping child trafficking and slavery. I mentioned that our church supports the ministry of Love 146.  They have a blog post today I think you’ll be inspired to read. I love the post because it creates space for those of you who are passionate and dream kingdom-sized dreams.  I love this couple’s idea and that it is now brought to fruition.  Be inspired to use any gift you have to further the cause of justice and freedom for children caught in this evil industry.  Thanks, Love 146, for inspiring us today.

My daughter is a huge fan of Vera Bradley prints, purses, backpacks & accessories.  We’re the kind of Vera fans that go to the seasonal opening at our favorite Rochester gift store, Parkleigh.  We’re on the countdown for Parkleigh’s party for the unveiling of Vera’s winter patterns.   They gave us a little teaser today with a free wallpaper download of any of these three new patterns.  You can pick desktop, ipad or mobile device sized desktops.  I personally love the English Rose & Ribbon patterns.  If you’re needing a little inspiration to get your emails under control, download a fun desktop and get back to work!

In two days I leave for the Allume Conference.  I am thrilled & scared & trying to get prepared and packed before Thursday morning.   It feels like this is God’s good gift to me – a conference for Christian women involved in social media two months after I launch Martha Street.  I’m planning on learning everything I can absorb in the sessions, networking and connecting with women who have already walked this path in connecting women online, and enjoying some of the conference perks…hear the gift bags are worth the drive to PA!   I’ll write more on this tomorrow, but just couldn’t write a potluck of info without adding this little juicy dessert!

Okay, my blogging time has run out.   Back to real life.  It’s been fun talking like girls on the porch.  Feel free to let me know if there is a detail you want to add to the potluck.   Love the links & ideas & details that move and inspire us on the porch.

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