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When did the New Year sneak up on us?  I spent a day a several weeks ago thinking & planning for the New Year.  Then time flew by…and it’s here!   I’m sure you’re having that same feeling of swimming upstream this holiday season.  In the midst of school vacations, holiday parties, cleaning your house & dealing with the snowstorm don’t forget that a new year is beginning next week.  A fresh start.  A new number.  Another small beginning.  Here are a couple of things I’ve planned for next year:

Martha Street has joined with She Reads Truth for a daily Bible reading & devotional.  I’ve loved this connection.  It’s helped me with the daily reading and meditating on Scripture.  It’s easy for me to read what I’m studying to teach.  It’s easy for me to read what I’ve heard preached at church on Sunday.  It’s discipline for me to daily read the Word and let it feed me.  Just me.  Not for others.  Not for teaching.  Not for church responsibilities.  Reading for my heart’s growth.  She Reads Truth gives you a passage and a devotional each day.  I’ve made it my goal to write something in my journal each day – a truth, a promise, a thought.


She Reads Truth just came out with their 2013 Red Leather Journal.  If there is anything I love better than a red leather accessory, I can’t think of it.  I love red shoes & purses.  A Daily She Reads Truth journal in red?  Yes, please!  I had mine monogramed for Martha Street.  Can’t wait to use it.  I’m waiting till January 1, 2013 to break this journal in for the new year.

(Yes, I do know the Sunday School joke:  “All Bibles Should be Red/Read”)

One of the things I love about She Reads Truth is that they pick a verse per week for memorization or meditation.  So many artsy girls add their graphics  and post great visuals of the verse.  I want to keep those verses ready for reading and review.  I’m at the age that if I don’t keep reviewing, I’ll forget it quick.

I decided to use Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Cards this year.   Beth encourages girls over at Living Proof Ministries to memorize two verses a month.  If we lived in the Houston area we could attend a one day conference for Siestas who learn 2 verses a month.  Since that’s quite a commute, I’ll be happy to use their memory card pack.  It’s just 3×5 cards with cute graphics.  But it will motivate me to keep up with the verses and spend time each week reviewing what I’ve already learned.

Last year I read a lot of bloggers & Christian Writers who chose a word of the year.  It’s a word that sets a Spiritual intention or focus for your year.  A variation on the New Year’s Resolutions theme.  I didn’t have a word for last year.  I wasn’t intentional about finding one for this year…but it found me.  Of all places it was a verse in a FB post.  The verse jumped into my heart and I said aloud, “I think that’s the verse & word of the year” .    Since that moment I’ve been letting it mull in my mind.  I’ve seen the word pop up in cards & notes written to me.  I’m keeping my eye out for it Bible reading & sermons.


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing,

so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.  

Romans 15:13


Just saw that a friend with an etsy shop is doing jewelry for Words of the Year.  Think I need some Abounding in Hope jewelry?  I love accessorizing a new year!


I HOPE this post will be a nudge for you to get some moments and think about the upcoming year.  Any things you want in place before it begins?  Any intention or prayer for your upcoming year?  Don’t let it catch you by surprise.

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  1. I signed up for their new reading plan! So excited to journal it out in a little planner I got for Christmas :) Thanks for sharing.

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