Sep 272015


The lake at Odosagih Bible Conference & Retreat Center

I’ve missed you girls!  You’ve been in my mind and prayers during this long quiet spell on the porch.  The school year is underway.  I don’t know if I’ve found my new rhythm yet.   It’s quite an adjustment being at the school full time, both working as the guidance counselor and teaching two AP/college courses.  Our second full week of school was Spiritual Emphasis.  We had three chapel services, special music & activities…and a lot of shorted and interrupted class time!  As a teacher I was needing another week of “normal” to get new students settled into the class routine.   Maybe this week?

Once things get running smoothly, I’m planning on using one evening and some weekend time for Martha Street writing & conversations.  However, right now I’m preparing to speak at a ladies retreat at Odosaigh Bible Conference and Retreat Center.  The ladies weekend is October 16-18.   If you live in this area, I’d love to have you join us!  The topic for the weekend is seasons of growth and will focus on what happens spiritually during different seasons of our lives.  Odosagih has beautiful fall colors and a gorgeous lake.   Does that photo above entice you?   You can message me or follow the link above to get more information.  I’d love to see you next month!

I won’t be writing consistently on the blog until after this teaching.  It’s taking up any spare minutes that I have in my schedule.  Know that you’ll be in my heart and we’ll pick up conversation mid-October.   I’ve been reading & studying and may have some good book ideas for us to read & discuss.

Until then, I adore you and continue to lift you up to the throne of grace and ask for help as you minister to families, churches, communities and countries.  See you soon on the porch!


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