Oct 162015

Want to take a field trip with me?  This post is for those of you living far from home.  Maybe you can join us vicariously on our Fall Crawl and feel a little closer.   Every year my daughter, Grace, and I spend a lovely Autumnal day stopping by every local pumpkin & apple farm.  The Fall Crawl.

Upstate New York is full of yellow & red leaves, pumpkin patches, fields of cabbage & squash, apple orchards and fresh pressed cider.  I missed these little treasures so much during my years as a missionary.  It refreshes us every year to spend a day soaking all this goodness into our hearts (and mouths!)


We started at the Ford’s Farm.  Isn’t this farmhouse a great advertisement for their pumpkin patch?  If you’re looking for exotic, large pumpkins you got to stop here!



They had a cute photo “booth” set up at the back of the patch – with a huge pumpkin throne and a jack-o-lantern cut out.  This is an instagram-able patch!



We walked around the property, camera in hand.  On the side of a shed we found these delightful pumpkin stacks on planters & bird baths, surrounded by fall flowers.  My favorite of the day!

Our second stop wasn’t as scenic…but you could pick your own apples.  This is how a dancer picks apples:




Our third stop was at Kirbys, one of our favorites.  It is the full experience:  pumpkins, squash, dried corn stalks, local honey & produce, and lots of varietals of apples.  Oops!  Did I forget that they make my favorite fresh pressed cider?  They do!




The score of the day was TWO new varietals of apples.  TWO new varietals.  You know we bought a basket of each to taste test at home.


This was my favorite of the two new tastes.  Very crispy & juicy.  Sweet like a honeycrisp.  I’ve had one with cheese & crackers for lunch every day this week.  The perfect crunch of fall.


Grace enjoyed the Autumn Crisp.  It is a softer apple.  Very sweet to the taste.  The inside flesh of the apple is a butter-yellow.  She’s a fan!


We love taking photos in their front lawn that is strewn with every size & shape & color of pumpkin.  Isn’t Gracie so beautiful in this photo?  She told me she’s practicing for her senior photos next year.  Already?!


Our last stop is a local favorite.  Huge pumpkins.  Fresh pressed cider.  Homemade donuts.  You can’t do a fall crawl without stopping by Kelly’s Farm Market.


One of the unique features of Kelly’s Farm is the bee hive – inside an old kitchen hutch.  The fun thing is that you can watch the bees through the hutch windows.  Talk about local honey…it’s from that exact spot!


We brought our load home:  3 half gallons of cider (one from each stop), two baskets of apples, 6 homemade donuts, 12 little pumpkins for the porch steps, 3 stacking pumpkins for the dining room sideboard, parsnips and carrots from Kirby’s.  An autumnal feast!   I made a tasting menu for Grace.  She had to pick her favorite cider and new apple.   Of  course we needed the home made donuts to clear our palate for our tasting!




Thanks for joining me on the Fall Crawl.  I hope these pictures made you smile and lifted your heart for a moment.  You’re in my heart and prayers…even when I’m focused on conferences and my school job. I look forward to being back with you on the porch soon.


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  1. What an awesome day! Orchards really are one of the things I miss the most over here. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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