Nov 252015


Has a verse ever hunted you down?  I mean, really follow you around the block?    This verse has been chasing me all week.  It was my daughter’s memory verse for Bible class, mentioned in chapel, and popped up in my devotional.   It’s following me!   I think it’s the answer to the stone that my heart has been carrying this week.

How do we live in a world with innocents slaughtered while attending public events?  How do we respond to images of boats full of Moms & children risking their life for anything better than daily terror?   How long does our society keep killing in racial strife?   How do I sit at a full table and give thanks knowing how many are hungry in my city?

It’s been hard to slog through normal life this week.   To finish a blog post about Jen Hatmaker’s new book (that I adore!).   To educate in such a way that teenagers care about Ancient Roman artifacts.  To organize all the comings & goings of a house full of college boys home for the holiday.

But my heart is carrying around a stone.   Maybe God is chasing me with this verse because it is one of my only options.   To pray.  To seek.  To give thanks…even in this as obedience to His will.  My classroom has been full of conversation & prayer & thanksgiving.    Here are two things that helped give us faces & information so that we could pray & talk with some perspective.

I love Samaritan’s Purse and their front line, hands-on ministry to those arriving in rafts.  Let this video provide the faces & voices that are missing from the numbers being thrown around by politicians,

In order to get your heart around the number of people currently displaced due to violence, Lucify has a visual to track people for the past three years.  It feels like watching grains of rice parade across a game board…but these are people.  Bus loads of people.

I don’t have an answer.  There isn’t an easy answer.  There are only hard choices facing real people.  I wish I could solve it all.  I wish my understanding could figure out a way to put it all together in my mind.   But I can’t.  You can’t.  Politics can’t.   Only the will of God in Christ Jesus can transform this whole screaming mess.

So I give thanks from my full table.  I pray and seek and talk  – and give thanks  in this moment as obedience to God’s will for me in Christ Jesus, my Lord.


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