Mar 262016



I attended a Good Friday service last night.  It was moving.  Worship that lifted up my need and His sacrifice.   Old songs & new songs that point my heart towards a Savior who has paid my debt in full.  Scripture reading and prayer filled my heart to the brim.

In the middle of all this goodness I felt the urge to jump ahead.  To quickly move from songs of the cross to songs of resurrection and victory.   To move from my need to a shining morning of victory.  It’s hard to sit in the slow pace of holy week.

He hung on the cross for six hours.

Darkness covered the land for three long hours.

Between his death and his resurrection is about 36 hours (according to my quick math).  Two nights and one long, quiet day.

We don’t like this.  The entire day on the cross.  Hours in darkness.  Nights and day of waiting.  The in-between.  The pause in the plan.  The unexpected and unnerving.  The long, quiet wait.



I grabbed my Bible and thumbed through for a quick tour to grab this fleeting thought.  How often did people have to wait – uncomfortably – in the middle of God’s plan?

  • They were promised a son but it took 15 years to get pregnant.  Way after her body had given up its cycle of fertility.
  • They ate the food of Heaven but longed for fresh vegetables and spices from Egypt
  • He was anointed King but spent years as an outcast and rebel leader.
  • He should have been a Prince by marriage but she was taken away by a political plot.
  • May of God’s chosen walked through military defeat and being conquered.  They were slaves, moved against their wills, alone, deserted and often far from family.

But we squirm when God’s plan for our lives include periods of waiting.   Unexpected changes.  Isolation, fears and long pauses.

His ways aren’t ours.   His own Son suffered and was buried.   The day of quiet in the middle of the plan that purchased our redemption.

Tomorrow I’ll sing the songs of victory.  I’ll weep at the immense glory of His love for us.  But today I’ll sit in the quiet.  Uncomfortable.  Unnerving.  The in between.  The day of Sabbath rest as we wait for God’s timing.

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  1. This is so true, and so very much the season God has us in. It’s so hard to wait! But there are so many jewels of moments I will miss if I try to force my way ahead of the plans God has for me. Thanks for the reminder!

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