Hi!  I’m Andrea.
I live on Martha Street in a 100 year old Victorian home filled with lots of chestnut wood, window seats, stained glass windows and a huge front porch.  We’re famous for Porch Parties and talking with anyone who walks by on the sidewalk. Since you’ve dropped by electronically, you’re welcome to join me on Martha Street…grab yourself a cup of coffee and join us on the porch!

Martha Street is a gathering of ministry focused women who love Jesus and want to serve Him – anywhere He leads.  My purpose is to nourish your roots so that you can produce fruit, according to your gifts, that will bring glory to God our Father.

I’ve been loving Jesus my whole life:  from an early childhood profession of faith, preaching to my dolls, playing the piano for children’s church, teaching Sunday School, VBS, puppet ministry, and eventually ending up on the mission field.  God took my heart for His church and led me through the educational world of Clinical Psychology and Christian Counseling.  After graduate school I found myself as a summer intern in Europe months after the fall of Iron Curtain.   I often compare my missionary start to Gilligan’s Island –  I came for a Summer and ended up staying for 20 years!   God opened my heart to the need in former Communist Countries and I’ve never been the same.

After 20 years in Europe as a missionary, I returned to my childhood home in upstate New York with a husband and 4 teenaged children.  I left for Europe by myself, carrying only two suitcases and returned as a family of 6 with 14 boxes, a cello and a dog!  It took as much a leap of faith for us to return “home” as it did for me to get on that airplane as a single woman in 1990.

I’ve been thrilled to spend the 3 years we’ve been in New York working as a counselor, Bible teacher, conference speaker and missionary care giver.  Martha Street is a way for me to offer these gifts to a larger range of women who serve God all over this globe.  My prayer is that you will be refreshed, encouraged, and equipped by your time on my porch.  I want this to be your private little getaway.    Anytime you want, pop on over and grab a rocker.  There’s always room for you at Martha Street.


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