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Nov 092015


I cannot wait to get a copy of this book into your hands.  Kindle or hardback – pick the format that works best for you.  But you MUST get a copy of Jen Hatmaker’s new book, For the Love.   Okay, it officially launched into the world in August but my world was pushed through a narrow-focused funnel of high school psychology and art history this summer.   So I’m just coming up for air, ready for new books and stimulating adult conversation…and picked this up with my 20% off coupon at Barnes & Nobel.

I haven’t finished reading it in it’s entirety, which is my self-imposed rule before promoting something on the blog.  But I’m breaking the rule to invite you to join me in this book.   If the end gets wonky in an unforeseen way, I’ll apologize and never again break the rule.   But this is so good and life-giving that I can’t wait even another week to nudge you in this direction.

Since I missed the official hoopla of the book release this summer, there isn’t a book launch link-up or promo.  But I’d love to talk about this on the Martha Street porch.   It’s a little off hand and chatty so it may not be as official as some of our book clubs  – but it will breathe fresh air & life & health into your impossibly busy life.  The subtitle of the book is “Fighting for Grace in a world of Impossible Standards.”    

Sound like something that would bring you giggles and insight and freedom?   Do you have space in your life to pick up a new read?  It isn’t long and the chapters are in nice, digestible bites.  Even those with little ones at home and church responsibilities should be able to read this while locked in the bathroom during nap time!

I don’t know what schedule I’ll use to keep us reading & chatting on the porch.   But get a copy and jump in and breathe the fresh goodness of her message.  I’ll work on keeping us together and on topic in a way that gives you a supportive community to absorb this grace into your life of impossible standards.

The conversation is only beginning…