I was recently asked what I really LOVE to do. My answer was so quick, “I love to teach the Bible!” I’ve been teaching the Bible since I was a child preaching to my dolls. Really. My Mom has it on cassette tape – I’m preaching a rousing Psalm to all of my dolls.

I’ve loved opening the Word of God with people from different age groups, countries, nationalities, and languages. The Lord opened doors for me to teach in 10 different countries while we were ministering in Europe. I love to travel, meet new women and spend time together in the Scriptures. It would be a joy to meet the women of your ministry and get to spend time in the Word together. Because of my background in counseling, all of my teaching will be relevant to life issues and easily applied by women of all ages. Teaching the Bible to touch your heart is a prayer of mine every time I prepare a talk.

I’m willing to teach within the theme of your event. If you don’t have a theme, I’d be glad to suggest a few. I love it when the conference schedule includes break out sessions, allowing women to talk about the teaching in a small group setting. I’d be glad to provide questions and materials for groups that will help apply the main teaching. Let’s work together to figure out what topic & arrangement would meet the needs of your event the best.

We can discuss payment, according to what your church can afford. Here are my general guidelines:

  • Travel expenses & food & lodging while I’m with your group
  • $100 per session that I teach. This includes the teaching & small group follow up questions

Contact me if you’re planning a women’s event.



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